There are two forms of physical currency in Delis, the Grain and the Sovereign.

Sovereigns are the primary currency of the Kingdom of Asido and its territories. They are gold or silver coins that come in three denominations. All are flat, circular and about a quarter inch thick with a blank back and the Asido royal crest on the front. The three denominations in order of smallest to largest are silver sovereign, gold sovereign, and stone sovereign. A gold sovereign is worth 100 silver sovereigns and a stone sovereign is worth 500 gold sovereigns. The coins are comprised of silver and gold for the silver and gold sovereigns respectively. The stone sovereign however is gold with silver details with small moonstones embedded in its surface.

The Grain, flat pieces of metal that are about 3 inches long, 1 inch wide and an eighth of an inch thick with rounded corners and the currency of the Empire of Jen-Kal. The currency has five coins and many denominations in note form. The coinage denominations in order of smallest to largest are copper grain, silver grain, gold grain, in addition to the rarely seen platinum grain and moonstone grain. The notes have a number printed on them to represent their value. This number reflects it’s worth in gold grain. Exchange rate is 100 copper to 1 silver, 100 silver to 1 gold, 1,000 gold to one platinum and 1,000 platinum to moonstone cored platinum, aka the moonstone grain. The notes were introduced to phase out the gold and platinum coins and while the replacement of the platinum and moonstone grain has been fairly successful, the gold grain as a coin still flourishes. Each coin and note has a famous Jen-Kal ship depicted on it, on both front and back. The front has the image of the ship while the back has the/one of the events that made the ship famous.

For centuries minters have been using various magics to “sign” the currencies in order to prevent counterfeiting with fairly large scale success. A sovereign that does not have the correct sound when struck will often not be accepted while a grain is checked by a simple cantrip or device to show it’s magic sigil.

The exchange rate between the currencies is 1 gold sovereign to 1.25 gold grain.
Compared to real world currency: 1 copper grain to 1 USD.


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