Meeting Erin

Third Session with Tim

Kai has been working on his new ship for about a week when he comes across a young, well dressed woman admiring his vessel. She jumps, startled, when he addresses her and she apologizes for disturbing him. She hurries away but turns as she is walking and shouts back, “She’s a nice ship. I hope to see her sailing someday!”

A few days later Kai is working on the ship early in the morning when he gets a bit of a surprise. A noise from above decks. “Hello! Mister captain sir! You here?” The woman from before has returned. She has expressed interest in helping him get the ship sky worthy again. She says she has never done this kind of work before but “is a quick learner.” Kai (and Tim) roll their eyes at this but let her help none the less. She introduces her self as Erin, and what strikes Kai as odd is she’s not excepting pay for her labor.

He begins to try and figure out a bit about Erin, finding that she is not a native to Tuxix and also that no one seems to know much about her. Erin has proven herself a hard worker but not a great hand, dropping things, hurting herself (and others) but trying very hard and is not a bad person from what Kai and the other workers have seen. After a few weeks of work though Kai does discover something.

He arrives on the ship early in the morning to discover that Erin is already there, below decks, working on a thruster assembly. She has made a bit of a mess of things but nothing irreparable. Kai also witnesses that she welds a pipe with no welding gear, just some type of magic. When Erin realizes Kai is there she begins to babble, Kai gives her the silent treatment, letting her do all the talking. Later in the day while Kai is up in the rigging, Erin tentatively climbs up to speak with him.

“I may not be a great workman but…I think this is how I needed to start. Let me introduce myself properly. I’m Erin Roldem, and I’d like to become your investor.” She is the daughter of the owner of R.I.S.E., Roldem Imperial Shipping Enterprises. A very large shipping organization that has contracts with Jen-Kal and Asido. Erin had a falling out with how her father does business and says that her grandfather did things differently. She wants to go back to how her grandfather did things, knowing the ins and outs of the ships, having an active hand in the business, and insuring the members and captains of the crew were not just tools but people and should be treated like family. Kai asks why his ship, and she responds, “I like her, and I think she’ll be a great ship.”

She explains that she’ll get jobs for Kai and his crew, as well as she would like to get into the ever expanding business of exploration. She says that there is nothing preventing Kai from getting jobs himself but they should be brought to her first so she can make sure they are above board/legit. In exchange, she’ll get a cut of the profits from each job and she’ll live aboard ship until they have an island side base of operations.



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