Foray into the Exploration Busness

Second session with everyone

About a week after the events in the bar, Erin found another job for the Nunnehi and her crew. A Discoveries job had been posted by the Explorers Guild with some promising leads, and very large purse. Erin had Kai, Tahira, Gar, and Aurell all try and get some extra info before they left port to try and find the grave of the famous Blue Rogue, Eric Grodstern.

With a little intimidation, lots of conversation, and some mussel they gleaned several facts that would help. The were looking for one of his old bases of operation, rumored to be four in number, scattered around the large land mass to the south of Tuxix. It was bound to be near flowing water, on an island not actually attached to the large southern mass as well as on the south side of that mass and, with all likelihood, Imps would have taken up residence there.

After a brief trip with some guests and cargo to the large island to Tuxix’s south, they continued still further south in search of the grave.

It did not take them long with the information they had gleaned. And sure enough, Imps were there…in mass. Flying and hovering around the island and slightly under the larger land mass were well over 100 imps. Thanks to some fine gunnery skill paired with a demonstration of magical might and creative thinking to slow the imps down, the imp numbers were cut down severely before even making it to the ship and bottle-necked when they did make it there.

Once the deck was clean of the imp invaders Kai set about getting a life raft ready to take them ashore, as there was no safe place to anchor directly on the island.

With a short trip they made landfall and almost immediately were rewarded with finding conformation that this was a base of operation for the legendary pirate. A large flagstone, heavily worn with age, still showed the original crest of the Blue Scimitars, his pirate band. It was at the mouth of a cave, natural in its appearance but with a trained eye, one could tell that it had been worked at some point and either made to look natural or time had done that work itself.

The group decided to push on and get confirmation that this was his grave and not just a lost base. The caught glimpses now and again of imps and saw many imp markings but no conflict arose. Eventually, they came to a well lit room with torches and a number of imps, including 2 that were nearly 4 times the size of a normal imp, and using weapons.

After squaring off with the larger imps and their lackeys Kai and company investigated the room and found a wordlock (a series of dials with several letters on each) on the back wall. The wordlock had a clue scribed above it:

“I had what all Rogues desire. I then gave it up to grant everyone the same.”

After a short time the party discerned the answer to be freedom. When the correct answer had been entered a portion of the back wall opened revealing a long since forgotten hidden passage…and an office of sorts.

The office was in shambles but some of those present took some time to investigate this as well. Others headed down another passage that connected to this office. What they found was the long abandoned hidden interior of the Blue Rogue’s base. With a little more searching they discovered the tomb of Captain Grodstern, along with a treasure trove of books from over 400 years ago.

The party was astounded to find the place left so untouched after how disheveled the rest of the place was but both Tahira and Aurell noted that there was magic in play, something that neither of them could quite figure out but it seemed to fend off the imps, although not the ravages of time.

With the area more or less secure they closed things up, took a few books, and headed back to Tuxix to report the good news.



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