Convoy Duty Part 1

Third session with everyone

With the crew of the Nunnehi safely in port and well payed for their success in locating Eric Grodstern’s grave, Kai the and others went off and did various things as Erin had informed them that it might be a while before she could find the next job.

Kai for one went in search of a good engineer to hire full time and to purchase some upgrades for the ship. He found two prospects for the engineers roll but did not hire any on the spot.

Gar went in search of more cargo to stow on the ship, and had moderate success but horrible luck. The young cargo master of the Nunnehi got caught by the gunnery captain stashing…items of questionable providence. The two worked out a deal where both made out well. Unfortunately Gar’s luck continued along it’s bad streak as he was also called out by Tahira while she was teaching him how to keep better books. Again, a deal was struck, and the captain was left none the wiser.

Tahira spent a portion of her time digging into her fathers past, looking for any indications that her hunch of him having a second family was correct. She was able to locate a few people who had employed him while he was alive but had no real luck on finding any family.

Aurell spent most of his time among the Academia (those who study Science) and Intelligentsia (those who study Magic). Much of this time was spent buried in one book/tome or another searching for something.

After a couple weeks in port Erin returned with news of a long haul job that they will not be making alone. The employer is having a number of convoys leave Tuxix over the next few weeks and Erin managed to have the Nunnehi be in one of them. Their convoy was bound for Sailor’s Isle, a trip that would take 9 to 12 weeks, and the cargo: rare fish to be sold for delicacies, mysterious animals both dead and alive but mostly moonstone infused reagents used in crafting. The employer also asked the captains of each convoy to meet each other before hand at an informal dinner he was hosting. Kai, Gar and Erin went to this dinner to meet the others of the convoy.

Jeset Teldal, captain of the frigate Cygnus. Kai was already familiar with Jeset and his ship, having worked aboard her when he was first on his way to Tuxix.

William Corat, captain of the frigate West Wind. Corat was a large man who liked to dress a bit flamboyantly and liked to entertain. Garbed in a green jacket studded with medals and a large brimmed hat with equally large feather, Corat could easily stand out in a crowd. He recognized Kai’s accent when speaking and mentioned that the West Wind, while a small ship, was of Jen-Kal construction and would love to show her off.

Simon Othright, Captain of the cruiser Rebel Star. A young man, possibly in his early twenties, who inherited the vessel when his father passed a few years back. Simon practically grew up on the ship and he knew the ins and outs of the Asido built cruiser along with her crew.

Jump ahead 7 weeks, the Rebel Star has had a turbine failure and needs to put into a port to do the repairs safely. The crews of all four ships take this brief, a meager three hour, respite to gather as much information on the happenings in this area as possible. They glean that there has been trouble further south with ships and small villages disappearing. The ships vanish never to be seen again while the villages show evidence of wild animal attacks with possible human encouragement. Some rumors say Black Pirates, others say animals driven to desperation by the harsh beginnings of Purple Month this year.

As the days pass once more and the trip is now into it’s eighth week, the convoy discover just what might have been responsible for the disappearances. A drake storm, and it’s heading was straight at the convoy.

The ships discuss options then decide that fighting might be the only option. As all 4 ships unload as much munitions as possible into the enormous mass of drakes, eventually the convoy is overtaken.

As the drakes swarm all the ships, the crew of the Nunnehi have to retreat below decks and force the drakes into a choke points to prevent themselves from being overwhelmed. After what seems like an eternity but was actually just under two minutes, the crew emerge successful and begin to survey the damage.



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