What you need to know to make a PC

Making a PC in Delis is not too different from standard DnD.

The game will start with level 3 characters with the standard point buy system (Players Handbook page 17-18).

You can chose a class, feats, and powers from whatever DnD books you’d like. Do NOT take feats that are classified as “Feat Taxes”, feats that, in a normal game, if you didn’t take you would be worse off for not having it (stat bump feats). Don’t worry, my monsters will be adjusted to player stats and play style. If your not sure if a feat is a “feat tax” ask me.

Race is a bit different. Any race is fair game BUT that race is only used for mechanical purposes. Delis has it’s own races. You can look them over here. The Delis race will be you aesthetic race. You gain a unique power associated with this race in addition to your other powers.

Magical equipment is handled differently as well. See Equipment. You will have +1 versions of everything you take and you will have the option to have moonstone weapons and implements (suggested).

A major difference is Delis has no divine magic. You are free to play any of the divine classes but play it off as martial, arcane, primal, or even psionic. If you’re really creative, play it off as something completely different.

Last thing of note that I can remember as I’m writing this. I decided ever since I played Exalted that I want to reward players for creative or impressive acts done in the world. While this will not be the stunt system of Exalted it does take some inspiration from it. Expect such acts to increase you damage dice, give you combat advantage, improve a roll, or make a second roll just to name a few I can recall that I have done in the past.

Happy Building!

What you need to know to make a PC

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