BC: There were 6 nations, one under each moon. All fairly well advanced and peaceful.Much of this time is a complete mystery and everything about it is frequently debated among the academics of the world.

Years of the Cataclysm: Presumed to have lasted at least 15 years. Much of this time is a complete mystery and everything about it is frequently debated among the academics of the world.

~100 AC: Records of the Empire of Jen-Kal and the Kingdom of Asido. Existence confirmed although academics argue over which of these many documents can be trusted to confirm the actual date of conception of each nation.

152 AC: The first recorded encounters of the two great human nations. Although they have radically different views they co-exist for a time peacefully.

199 AC: The first recorded war between the two great human nations. The cause is undocumented/ lost to time, leading many scholars to believe that both sides had something to do with instigating the conflict.

204 AC: The first war ends with territorial concessions from Asido to Jen-Kal.

~220 AC: Both nations begin expanding their influence into the areas of the silver moon. They discover that humanity is already there in the form of humans and silver aspects living in colonies on a number of islands. Conquest ensues.

297-301 AC: Known as the Silver Rebellion. The colonies of Asido under the silver moon begin to organize resistance with independence being the goal.

301 AC: The Council of Captains is formed in the newly built city of Tuxix. This council is comprised of one representative from each ship that will, later this year, form the Silver Armada and turn the Silver Rebellion into the Silver War for Independence.

302 AC: Overwhelmed by shear numbers, ferocity, and unorthodox/genius tactics, Asido suffers many losses to the Silver Armada.

312 AC: Asido withdraws all forces from under the silver moon. The Silver Armada turns it’s attention to Jen-Kal.

313 AC: Jen-Kal navy force the Silver Armada to fight on their terms. Having had almost 20 years to prepare for this, many battles are fought to a standstill.

320 AC: Fleet Admiral Thomas Kel takes the entire Jen-Kal 5th fleet to The Cida’s City from off the front lines under the pretense of giving the men leave in the capital, far from the fighting. Later that year he leads the 5th in an blitz attack against the capital, quickly inflicting damage then embarking on a month long flight into the territory of the Silver Armada.

336 AC: After decades of war with Jen-Kal the Silver Armada finally forces them out from under the silver moon.

337 AC: The Silver Armada is dissolved but the Council of Captains remains intact for the express purpose of supreme law whenever needed and the reassembly of the Silver Armada if/when Jen-Kal or Asido become ambitious again. The Council of Captains deem an overarching government is not what the islands under the silver moon need and leave each island to guide itself.

350 AC: The first recorded event of the a Cida ignoring the current leader of Asido in order to build relations with their successor. Current queen Rikel Jaqulyn Asido does not take kindly to this. Her husband on the other hand very much enjoys the company of the Cida and encourages this interaction with his son.

354 AC: The unfortunate death of the queen’s consort during a sparing practice leaves the queen a widow.

390 AC: Jen-Kal makes it’s second large scale attempt to grab islands under the silver moon. They succeed. With no military force to stop them when the conquest starts Jen-Kal takes a number of islands completely uncontested. Many of the residents don’t seem to mind. Often mentioning that they won’t be under the “protection” of Jen-Kal for long. Unbeknownst to the Jen-Kal navy and the Cida, the Council of Captains knew something was coming long in advance and had prepared for it.

391: Jen-Kal begins to have issues with resistance cells on the islands they have conquered. This was to be expected and had been accounted for.

392: Early in the Yellow month the Jen-Kal leadership realizes what is happening but too late. At the end of the month the Jen-Kal navy finds itself out numbered 3 to 1 in most confrontations from ships that seemed to come out of nowhere. Also many of the naval vessels are weather beaten from the harsh Yellow month while the ships of the reborn Silver Armada are fresh and unmarred. One Karl Greyson clams responsibility for the plan, very openly and in flashy fashion as he boards and takes a flagship of the Jen-Kal navy. He lets the entire crew go, but not until after he gives them a speech about “honor”.

393: Greyson’s counter attack is so effective that Jen-Kel is booted out from under the silver moon in under 3 months. “Karl” becomes the second least popular name in the Empire, only behind “Thomas”.

400 -500 AC: Many skirmishes between the three powers.

520 AC: As tensions between Asido and Jen-Kal mount, the Council of Captains deem it necessary to have at least part of the Silver Armada formed. This marks the beginning of the longest amount of time the Silver Armada is active , nearly 60 constitutive years in duration.

530 AC: King Phillip Herald Asido is assassinated. The assassin is caught by the crown prince while attempting to also kill him. While being interrogated the assassin gives information that ties him to the Jen-Kal military. Asido claims that Jen-Kal attempted a coup.

530 AC: The Great War begins. Over the course of nearly 50 years, Asido and Jen-Kal fight in what is to be known as the Great War. This is to be the era when the armed forces of both sides do horrific things and the lost of life is staggering. The Great War is responsible for more deaths than any other event in recorded history. Some historians claim that it even out does the Cataclysm but the truth of that is unknown and unfounded.

577 AC: The end of the Great War. Both sides have taken tremendous losses and suffered for it. Despite the loathing of Jen-Kal toward Asido for the assassination of their Cida the fighting cannot go on and decides to call for peace. Asido, severely diminished and also sore from the death of 2 kings, know that peace is what both nations need regardless how they feel about each other.

600 -700 AC: Many skirmishes between the three powers.

~750 AC: Public emergence of the moon-marks. Public panic at the “affliction” was not alleviated for many years. Moon-marked are discriminated against, persecuted and even killed. They are often looked at as either tools to be used or monsters to be feared. This outlook prevails to the present day.

800 AC: Now known as the beginning of the Age of Discovery. Exploration became not just a hobby or a task for the navy but a thriving job type. Explorers who succeeded in finding new and wondrous things became house hold names and very wealthy. Many children had dreams of becoming explorers.

802 AC: The “epicenter” of the Dark Rift was discovered. There was a rush to be the first to pass through it as this seemed to be the first place it could be done. In this epicenter there are pockets and channels of calm.

844 AC: Present Day


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