Date System

The day to day date system on Delis is a bit different than Earth’s. It has 6 months of 72 days with 6 day weeks. Total day count of a year: 432. The months are each named for a moon to which that months weather seems to share an affinity with. It is common belief that during these months of the year is when a moon is extending it’s influence to the whole world, not just it’s limited area.

Purple Month: Colder than normal. Many areas have snow.
Blue Month: Wetter than normal. Storms tend to be large, long lasting, but fairly mild.
Green Month: Winder than normal. Few storms but those that do occur are often VERY dangerous. Sailors both love and loath this month.
Red Month: Hotter than normal. Drought during this month is not odd.
Yellow Month: Many more storms than other months. These storms tend to be small is size and short in duration, but they are often very powerful.
Silver Month: A calmer month than the others. The weather tends to be mild, but so to does the wind, occasionally making travel difficult.

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The year identification letters are BC and AC. BC stands for Before Cataclysm while AC stands for After Cataclysm. It is a generally accepted fact due to the amount of ancient relics and ruins (and the way they seem to have been destroyed) that there was a world altering event that significantly changed the world, destroying much of what was civilization at the time. Currently, no person alive knows what this event was.


Date System

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