Kai Nayati

Moon-marked Captian


Player: Tim Rowe
Level: 4
Class: Fighter
Race: Mechanical: Thri-kreen, Ascetic: Human
HP: 46
Max Healing Surges: 10
AC: 22
Fort: 21
Reflex: 17
Will: 15


Kai is, always has been, and always will be, a sailor. He learned the trade from his father and brothers, honed those skills through long service in the Jen-Kal navy and now employs them as a merchant marine, plying the skies he loves so well. A fairly average man, of both build and features, this is thrown into sharp contrast by the moon-mark on his right eye, a feature that manages to stand out wherever he goes, along with the prejudices associated with it. Kai however, has learned to roll with it, in much the same way he has learned to roll with the open sky. He is a blunt individual, in both social settings and combat, Kai never pulls his punches. Direct and to the point, Kai relies on his martial skill and natural toughness to see him through.

Kai Nayati

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